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Sealing Your Criminal Record in San Antonio

Texas Record Sealing Attorney

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If you have ever been arrested, your criminal record could continue to cause you problems for the rest of your life. This is especially true if your arrest led to you receiving deferred adjudication. You may not have been officially convicted, but prospective landlords, employers, and college admissions officers might not be willing to offer you the opportunities you deserve. The good news is that help is available. At Clear My Record San Antonio, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in keeping your past from affecting your future.

Expungement Lawyer Serving San Antonio

The type of help available to you will depend on several factors. One possibility is the process of expungement or expunction, which actually destroys all traces of your arrest and prosecution, clearing your record as if your arrest never happened. Expungement, however, is not always possible, as it is reserved for cases where there was no finding of guilt or where a conviction was overturned. Those who received deferred adjudication for Class C misdemeanors may also be eligible for expunction.

Record Sealing Professionals

There might be another option if your arrest resulted in deferred adjudication for an offense other than a Class C misdemeanor. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could qualify to have an Order of Nondisclosure issued by the court. Though not as a thorough as expungement, an Order of Nondisclosure limits access to your arrest records and places severe restrictions on how the information can be used or disclosed.

Once a nondisclosure order has been issued for a particular case, you will no longer need to acknowledge that you were ever arrested, and most private employers cannot see it on a background check. While the record still officially exists, it is essentially sealed, giving you the freedom to move forward with your life.

We can also assist you with sealing your juvenile record. Texas law provides that access to most juvenile records are to be automatically restricted once the person turns 17. In many cases, however, the automatic restriction is not enough. By sealing your juvenile record, you can close the door on your past more securely and restore the opportunities you may have thought were gone forever.

Sealing Your Record in Three Easy Steps

  1. Complete our online form, providing as much information as you can;
  2. We will check your eligibility and contact you with information about sealing your record; and
  3. Retain our services and we will do the rest.

You can also get the answers to whatever questions you may have by contacting our San Antonio office. Call 210-817-7001 for a free consultation today. We are proud to help clients throughout South Texas seal their criminal records and seek a more promising tomorrow.

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