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In most cases, if you are convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison or straight probation, the impact on your criminal record is permanent. For the rest of your life, you may be required to report your conviction to prospective employers and landlords, and even banks or lending companies. But what if there are reasons that your conviction should be vacated? What if an error by the court is corrected on appeal or new evidence is found that exonerates you completely? If your conviction is vacated or overturned and the charges against you are dismissed, you may qualify to have the arrest and prosecution removed from your background history. At Clear My Record San Antonio, we are ready to help you move on with your life after being granted post-conviction relief.

Why Does Post-Conviction Relief Matter?

Nearly every day, news reports include stories about rulings from appeals courts around the country, as well the Supreme Court at both the state and federal level. Have you ever stopped to think how the cases came be heard by those courts? Every criminal case starts either at the county level for a state crime or the district level for a federal crime, where it is heard by a trial court. Following the trial court's ruling, either party may file a direct appeal if they believe that an error was made during trial—for example, improperly allowing evidence or misinterpreting the law. A direct appeal is the most common way to seek post-conviction relief, as the appeals court has the power to vacate the original verdict, sometimes sending the case back for retrial and, in other cases, considering the matter closed.

Eligibility for Expungement in Texas

For a person who was wrongly convicted, post-conviction relief, including direct appeals and similar motions, is the first step toward getting the offense off of your record. This is because completely clearing your record through expungement is only possible if you were never convicted of the offense, your conviction was overturned, or you were pardoned. Of course, there are other qualification requirements for expungement, also called expunction, but as long as your conviction stands, expungement is not available.

Experienced San Antonio Expunction Attorney

If you were previously convicted of a crime but have since been granted post-conviction relief, you may now qualify to have the arrest and prosecutions expunged from your record. To find out, simply complete our online form, and we will look into it on your behalf. Our team will review your case, determine your eligibility, and call you to set up a free consultation. From there, we will prepare all of necessary petitions and paperwork, keeping the expungement process as easy and stress-free as possible for you. In most cases, we can finalize your expunction without you even needing to visit our office.

For more information about expungement or record sealing in South Texas, contact Clear My Record San Antonio. A member of our team would be happy to discuss the services we offer and let you know how we can help you get the fresh start you deserve. Call 210-817-7001 to get started today. We are proud to serve clients throughout the San Antonio area, including those in Bexar County, Karnes County, Frio County, Atascosa County, and Wilson County.

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