How Can a Criminal Record Affect My College Applications?
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How Can a Criminal Record Affect My College Applications?

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Whether you have recently graduated high school or are considering going back to school, a college education offers the promise of new opportunities. Today, more than ever, employers are looking for candidates with a four-year degree, even for entry-level positions. Unfortunately, a growing number of Texas residents may find the university doors closed to them as the result of a criminal record. At Clear My Record San Antonio, we can help you explore your options for getting into the school of your choice, and we may be able to keep your past from continuing to present problems for your future.

Application Questions

Recent studies indicate that up to two-thirds of American colleges and universities ask about an applicant's criminal background. While not all admit to using the information in making admission decisions, it is hard to believe that the questions would be asked if the answers did not matter. To a certain extent, it is understandable that college admissions departments would have an interest in promoting campus safety, and that admitting a person with a lengthy criminal history may not seem like the best idea. But where should a school draw the line? Is one conviction too many? What about someone who was arrested several times for various offenses but never convicted?

Expungement and Juvenile Record Sealing

While some people believe that admission decisions like these border on discrimination, there is a measure of acceptance about the practice. This means that your best option is to apply for college with a clean record, and we can help you do that, even if you have been arrested before. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest and prosecution, you may qualify for expungement, also called expunction, which is the removal of all record of the arrest from your criminal history. If you are concerned about an arrest from before you turned 17, we can also help you seal your juvenile record, keeping it from affecting your college application as well.

Expunction Made Easy in Bexar County

At Clear My Record San Antonio, we know how much trouble an arrest record can cause you as you look to move forward in your life. We also realize that you are busy and the thought of taking on the Texas criminal justice system again may be daunting, to say the least. That is exactly why we break the expungement process down into three simple steps:

  1. Complete our online form and click "submit";
  2. We verify whether you qualify for expungement or an Order of Nondisclosure and contact you to discuss your options; and
  3. Retain us, and we handle all of the other details.

In most cases, you will not even need to come to our office to complete your expungement. Once the expunction is finished, you will be free from your past and able to pursue the educational opportunities you deserve.

To learn more about expungement or record sealing in Texas, contact our office. Call 210-817-7001 to speak to an experienced Bexar County attorney today regarding your available options.

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