Am I Eligible for Expungement?
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Am I Eligible for Expungement?

Texas Expungement Eligibility

San Antonio Arrest Record Clearing Lawyer

If you have ever been arrested for any reason, you may find that your arrest could follow you for the rest of your life, even if you were never convicted. While it may be reasonable that a conviction or a guilty plea could affect your future, you should not continue to be penalized forever, especially if a conviction never happened. At Clear My Record San Antonio, we can help you eliminate the burden of your arrest history, offering you a fresh start and clearer future.

Expungement—also called expunction—is a legal process that allows the record of an arrest or prosecution to be completely removed from your background check, court documents, and law enforcement files. A successful expungement destroys all traces of your arrest and frees you from having to tell prospective employers, landlords, or lenders that you ever were arrested or prosecuted.

South Texas Expungement Eligibility

Removing an arrest from your history is a serious matter, and there are very strict eligibility guidelines. Your record is eligible for expungement if:

  • You were arrested but never charged;
  • You were charged, but the charges were dismissed;
  • You were charged with a Class C misdemeanor, and received deferred adjudication;
  • You were convicted of any offense but later acquitted by the trial court or on appeal;
  • You were convicted of any offense but later pardoned by the Governor of Texas or the President of the United States; or
  • The arrest, charge, or conviction on your record was the result of identity theft committed by another person.

In addition to these criteria, the State of Texas must also be relatively certain that you will not be brought up on related charges once the expungement has taken place. For this reason, you will only eligible for expunction if:

  • At least 180 days have passed since your arrest for a Class C misdemeanor;
  • At least one year has passed since your arrest for a Class B or Class A misdemeanor;
  • At least three years have passed since your arrest for a felony; or
  • The attorney for the state confirms that your records are not needed for any criminal investigation, including any involving another person.

If you do not qualify for expungement, you may have other options available, including an Order of Nondisclosure in certain situations.

Expungement Made Easy

The laws regarding expungement eligibility in Texas can be very confusing. That is why we make the process simple for you. All you need to do is fill out our online form and click "submit." A member of our team will review your case, verify your eligibility, and contact you to set up a free consultation. Once you retain our services, we take it from there. We will prepare the necessary documents, file all of the paperwork, and can usually complete the process with you ever needing to set foot in our office.

To learn more about your eligibility for expungement or any of the other services we offer, contact Clear My Record San Antonio today. Call 210-817-7001 and schedule a free, no-hassle consultation. We are proud to serve clients all throughout Bexar, Karnes, Wilson, Atascosa, and Frio Counties.

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