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3011 Nacogdoches Road, Building 1, San Antonio, TX 78217

3011 Nacogdoches Road, Building 1
San Antonio, TX 78217

Expungement Lawyer in San Antonio

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Texas Attorney for Expunction and Nondisclosure Orders

Has your past caused you problems in landing a good job, finding quality housing, or even continuing your education? Are you ready to leave the nonsense behind and start fresh? We are Clear My Record San Antonio, and we are here to help you take control of your future by putting the past away once and for all. Our knowledgeable team makes the expunction and record sealing processes easy by handling all of the complex details while you focus on moving forward with your life.

What Is Expunction?

Expunction—sometimes referred to as expungement—means having the records of your arrest and, in certain cases, your conviction destroyed and removed from your criminal history. Whether or not expunction is possible in your situation will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Whether you were convicted, acquitted, or pardoned of the charge you are trying to have expunged;
  • If convicted, your age at the time of the offense;
  • How much time has passed since your case was closed;
  • Whether charges related to the case are still pending; and
  • Your criminal record since the charges were filed.

It can be intimidating to face the Texas criminal justice system asking for your record to be cleared, but you do not have to do it alone. One of our experienced expunction lawyers can help you understand your eligibility in just a few minutes. All it takes is a phone call or completing our online form. In many cases, the entire process can be finalized—complete with top-quality guidance from a skilled attorney—without you even setting foot in our office or the courtroom.

Record Sealing and Nondisclosure Orders in Texas

When a full expungement is not possible for whatever reason, you may still be able to obtain an Order for Nondisclosure. Unlike an expunction, where the records in question are physically destroyed and erased from your history, a nondisclosure order effectively seals the particular record, making it inaccessible to most routine background checks. Eligibility requirements for an Order of Nondisclosure are similar to those for expunction but are somewhat more forgiving. Nondisclosure orders are often used to limit access to records related to charges that led to a conviction or deferred adjudication.

If you have more specific questions about expunction or criminal records, contact our office today. We have helped many clients throughout the San Antonio area get the fresh start they deserve, and we are ready to help you do the same. Call Clear My Record San Antonio at 210-817-7001. When you contact us, we will sum up your information at no cost and get back to you to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office serves individuals and families in Bexar County, Atascosa County, Wilson County, Karnes County, and Frio County.

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