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A single arrest can change your life forever, even if you are never convicted or even formally charged. Once an arrest is on your record, you will need to explain it to potential employers, landlords, lenders, and others in order to find a job, secure affordable housing, or attend school. Unless you take action, you may never be free from your past. Fortunately, help is available. We are Clear My Record San Antonio, and we are prepared to work on your behalf to get you the fresh start you deserve.

Depending on the details of your case, you may qualify for a process known as expungement - sometimes called expunction. Expungement involves the complete removal and destruction of all traces of your arrest and prosecution, making it as though they never happened. When your record is expunged, it is gone forever and will no longer show up on background checks or other criminal history reports. You get to start over with more opportunities available to you than ever before.

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Fill in our simple questionnaire and click email.

Within 24 hours we'll reply with whether or not you qualify for an expunction or a non-disclosure.

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Expunction and Nondisclosure Professionals in Bexar County

The expungement process is a powerful tool for those who are eligible, but it is not available to everyone with an arrest record. Your eligibility to have your record cleared will depend on a few factors, including:

  • The nature of the offense for which you were arrested;

  • Whether you were convicted or received court adjudication;

  • The current status of your case; and

  • Your criminal record after your arrest.

If you do not qualify for expunction, you may be able to get an Order of Nondisclosure concerning your arrest. Unlike an expungement which fully clears your record, a nondisclosure effectively seals your arrest from being seen by most private background checks. It severely limits who has access to your record and how the information can be used.

Juvenile Record Sealing in Texas

In addition to expungement and nondisclosure orders, we are also able to help with sealing your juvenile record. The law in Texas automatically restricts access to your juvenile record once you turn 17, but sometimes restricted access is still too much. Our team will work to seal your record, helping to ensure that mistakes you might have made as a youth will not continue to affect your future.

For more information about clearing your arrest record, contact our San Antonio offices and schedule a free, confidential consultation. Call 210-817-7001 to speak with an experienced expunction attorney today. We are proud to help clients throughout South Texas, including in Bexar County, Atascosa County, Frio County, Wilson County, and Karnes County.

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